Saturday, April 28, 2012

My previous work

The floor plane design I did around 2008.

My interactive monster

I just learned how to make an interactive button in Flash, and added sound effect to it also.
Click the link below to play with my little monster. (hover the mouse over the monster, and click him!)

Instructor: Gordon Silveria

Preview(The swf file seems not working on iPhone/iPad):

First Illustrator animation!!

This project is to design an animated icon for coffee shop. I never knew that I can create flash animations in Illustrator! That's exciting.

Instructor: Gordon Silveria

Icon preview (The swf file seems not working on iPhone/iPad):

Poster Design

Event poster design for class.

Instructor: Gordon Silveria

High School Stereotypes

Icons - High School Stereotypes (Animal High School)
I'm not sure these kind of stereotypes are still very common in US. Anyway I had a lot of fun doing this project :)

Instructor: Gordon Silveria

Student ID card:

Lovely pet

Walking a punk rooster.

Instructor: Gordon Silveria